Friends of Charge Around Australia

During the development and ongoing delivery of the Charge Around Australia project we have been helped by many different people and organisations. 

Some have offered support in kind, others have given us a roof over our heads for the night, while others have gone above and beyond in providing us with their professional services. We have also enjoyed a wealth of advice and support in terms of journey planning and telling the bigger story. 

In addition, these people and organisations have brought us their enthusiasm and encouragement. They recognise the importance of the Charge Around Australia journey as it helps us to develop and test desperately needed sources of renewable energy.  

We really couldn’t have done it without you.  

Thank you

Stuart McBain, Professor Paul Dastoor and the Charge Around Australia team.

Ambos Digital


What Marketing 

Mischief Creative

Matt Thomas at Komi Group

Mark Tipping at Tesla Owners Club of Australia

Grant Pitman at The Gerald Apartment Hotel

Kardinia Energy 

Simon Chan at Bardan Cells

Ryan Mossny at Two Feet and a Heartbeat

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